Electronics & Telecommunication Faculty List

Teaching Staff
S. No. Name Qualification Designation Area of Interest Photo
1 Mr.Uday Kumar Rajak(HOD) BE,M.Tech Assistant Professor DSP Application and Embedded System
2 Mr.Snehil Mitra BE, Mtech Assitant Professor VLSI Design
3 Ms.Neelam Chandra BE, Mtech Assitant Professor Microprocessor & Interface
4 Mrs.Anu Singh Thakur BE, Mtech Assitant Professor Micro controller & Its Application
5 Ms. Bhumika Parmar BE, M.Tech Assistant Professor Digital Electronics
6 Mr.Upendra Soni B.E., M.Tech Assistant Professor VLSI Design
7 Mr.Mohit Navinay BE Lecturer Analog Electronic circuit
8 Ms. Divya Verma BE Lecturer Digital Electronics & Microcontroller
9 Ms.Fiwani Bhargav BE Lecturer LICA & ITS Application


Non Teaching Staff
S. No. Name Qualification Designation Photo
1 Mr.Ishwar Lal Patel Diploma(Electrical) Lab Assistant
2 Mr.Ramesh Kumar Dhruw I.T.I(Radio & Telivision) Lab Assistant