Computer Science Engineering Labs

We are a young and dynamic department that takes a scientific approach to computing. Our researchers have played a major part in developing modern trends in Computer Science and this is reflected in our teaching, where we have a strong tradition of high-level and innovative courses.

We are having 5 different labs with highly configured system. Each lab having 30 systems & 1 lab have 60 systems. student can access the Internet facility in each system.

Our teaching is inspired by our research and aims at helping our students to become highly skilled professionals.


List of Laboratories
S. No. Name of the laboratory Major Equipment
1 Network Security Lab i-Securit N/W Security Trainer kit from Benchmark
2 Computer Network Laboratory
  • Netsim (Network Simulator) – 35 user
  • QualNet Simulator
  • Lan Trainer kit (Wired and Wireless), Crimping & Punching tools
  • Sensor Network Classroom Kits
3 Software Engineering Laboratory User manuals -10 set each of
  • Essentials of Visual Modeling with UML 2.0
  • Essentials of Rational Software Architect/li>
Library Material - 1 set each of
  • Mastering Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML
  • Essentials of Rational Requisite Pro
  • Essentials of Rational Clear Case for Windows
  • Fundamentals of Rational Rose
  • Essentials of Functional Testing with Rational Robot
  • Essentials of Test Management with Rational Test Manager
Media – 1 set of RSA & Rational Suite Enterprise 30 Permanent License of RSA(Rational Software Architect) 30 Permanent License of RSE( Rational Suite Enterprise)
4 Basic Electronics CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, Trainer Kits
5 Computer Center Compaq Prolaint MX370 Server (4 nos.), IBM Netfinity server, P-IV / P-V Computers (150 nos.)
6 Analog Circuits CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, Trainer Kits
7 Digital Electronics Trainer Kit, Noise Generator, IC Tester
8 Communication Engg. Analog& Digital communication trainer kit, CRO, Function Generator
9 Microprocessor Microprocessor kit of 8085, 8086, Microcontroller kit, Interfacing Kit, EPROM Programmer