Lecture Hall

Lecture hall with proper seating capacity. All lecture halls are quite spacious. The teacher can reach to each and every student comfortably and have observation on the activities of students. The lecture hall of the institute is full equipped with audio visual aids LCD, OHP, Slides, Models, Charts etc.

Class Room

The class room sessions will be interactive and will encourage the students to think independently and inspire their creativity. The faculty will ensure that the students in the class have assimilated the content projected. Attendance will be taken by the faculty concerned at the starting of each session. All the classes will start on time and the students coming late will not be given attendance. High level of discipline will be maintained in the class room.

Clinical Laboratory

The clinical Laboratory of the college houses cutting-edge laboratory facilities including Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry backed by an excellent team of Staff and experienced Support Staff with proper safety manual and instructions while experimenting with hazardous chemicals, solvents and solutions Interactive laboratory activities are able to enhance student's understanding of chemical processes and practical skills.

Biology Laboratory

A tour of the biology lab shows that the facilities offered to the students are unrivalled compared to other schools. The biology laboratory consists of a spacious room and individual work space and apparatus provided to each student. Easy interaction between teacher and the students is duly possible. Assessment tests including viva-voce are also conducted by the teachers at higher secondary education level to understand the comprehension level of the students. The lab is set up with audio & video visual effects and saves a lot of labour for the teacher. The lab can accommodate a substantial number of students at a time.

Computer Lab

The Department Has One Computer Labs Consisting Of Good Configured Systems Which Are Connected Through Local Area Network (LAN). The Computer Systems Are Installed With The Required Software And Peripherals Keeping The Needs Of The Students In Mind. The Labs Provide Unlimited Access To The Internet Broadband Connectivity. All Labs Are Supported By UPS.


Full Time Network Administrator. The Above Facilities are Also Being Extended To The Other Branches of Engineering. Fully Equipped Conference/Seminar hall.


There is a well-organized transport facility in the college for the safety of the students. To ensure the wellbeing and safety of students, private transporters other than those recognized by the college are not permitted. Availing of the transport facility is optional. There are more than 20 buses in the College transport department.

For the safety of student the following have been done :

  • Hand rails
  • Emergency window
  • Bus door
  • First Aid boxes

Seminar Halls and Conference Hall

The college has a dedicated seminar hall and conference hall. Highly impressive within the four walls the seminar halls have hosted some of the most respected dignitaries and scientists alike. The Halls have been in the forefront in organizing and conducting several events, many a time they have served as the face of the Culumbia College.

  • These spaciously built seminar halls are centrally air conditioned and have a seating capacity
  • They are furnished with the necessary audio visual aids such as LCD projectors, CD ROM, Overhead projectors, Television set, Digital white boards, etc. enabling multimedia presentations.
  • Guest lectures, project presentations, science exhibitions, management workshops, paper presentations, etc. are held here.

Very often the seminar hall hosts placement interviews, where in students from various colleges assemble here to attend these discussions.

Sports Day

Annual Sports Day is held every year to nurture sporting activities of students.

Intercollegiate Competitions

College provides opportunities for talented students to participate in various intercollegiate competitions at regional, state and national level.


The Library of the College provides a neat, well-stocked and peaceful corner for all those knowledge craving and curious minds that venture to drown in the world of knowledge and information. The separate reading rooms with neatly arranged racks flashing the latest journals and magazines on display provide the perfect ambience to that inquisitive mind eager to know more. The library has around 10,000 handpicked books on various subjects, is up to date and of immense help to both the students and the staff.

The entire functioning of the library is computerized with the help of technical software’s and bar-codes enabling students and teachers to pick-up study material easily. The library has vast range of text books, reference books, manuals, journals, magazines, newspapers etc. It also has a number of e-resources in the form of CDs and DVDs. Online e-journals subscribed by the institute can also be accessed in the library.

Library Rules :

Students are required to observe the following Rules:

  • Library will remain opened for users from 9 am to 3:30 pm on all working days.
  • Books will be issued and returned up to 3:30 pm on prescribed days.
  • Library cards/tickets are non transferable. Members are responsible for the books issued against their cards/tickets.
  • Identity cards must be shown at the issue counter or whenever demanded by the library staff.
  • Books will be issued for only 4 days against their cards. A fine @ Rs. 2/- per day/book will be charged for first week. For second week @ Rs. 5/- per day/book and for third week @ Rs. 10/- per day/book and so on and so forth.
  • Periodicals and reference books are kept only for reference in the library and cannot be issued to any member. However old magazines can be taken/issued for reading.
  • In case of loss of books, the borrower will be required either to replace the books or pay for the books with 20% service charges.
  • Students shall not engage in audible conversation in any part of the library. Students shall not write upon, damage or mark any books belonging to the library. Student responsible for any damage to the books or any other property belonging to the library shall be required to pay the penalty that may be fixed by the Principal/ Director.
  • Member of the book bank shall be issued one text book for each subject i.e. 6 books per year.
  • The books issued must be returned to the library on the completion of each year.
  • Books on demand, if issued already, may be reserved by filling up the reservation slip. Such reserved books whenever available in the library can be got issued on First Come First Serve basis.


Hostels in academic institutions are the epicenter of the dynamics of the campus life. Spread over vast area and surrounded by green cover, encompassing gardens, inside and outside lawns, Columbia College Hostel, for over a half century has been providing fuel and force to the life and motion of College’s liberal democratic academic culture. Columbia College Hostel, with its architectural grandeur and aesthetics, has been an abode to many luminaries in a wonderful kaleidoscope that the time-space spectrum is.

Situated next to the sports complex, the Hostel is a spacious structure with 40 rooms enclosing eight lawns with rose beds and hedges. The Hostel provides residential facilities to about 100 undergraduate Boys & Girls students.

The college having a wide hinterland has good hostel facilities for both male and female students. The Boy's hostel has a capacity of 30 boarders. The Girls' hostel has a capacity of 70 boarders. Students are admitted to the hostels on the basis of distance of their residence from the hostels and their respective merit.

There are specific rules and regulations for both the hostels (to be put up in the respective notice boards) violation of which may lead to severe punishment, even cancellation of boardership. Each room of the hostel is furnished with modern furniture, viz., cot, study table and chair, wardrobe and 24 hour network connection with Internet facility. Other facilities that are provided within hostels include Sports, Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Periodicals, continuous Aqua Fresh Cooled water and electric supply, spacious bathrooms, and toilets. Security guards provide 24-hour attention.

Co-curricular Activities

The College of Nursing promotes co-curricular activities to ensure all round development of every student. Monthly cultural/entertainment programmes are organized in the campus. Leadership training programmes are held frequently. Student Nurses Association provides plenty of opportunities for developing organizational and leadership skills of students. Various cultural and health related events and /or days are celebrated in the campus.

Arts Festival

Annual Arts Festival is held every year in a grand way to promote and appreciate literacy and artistic talents of the students. All the students participate in these programmes with great enthusiasm and joy.